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Your smartphone can become a 3D hologram projector. Find how!

The holografic revolution is coming, but the discovery is not new, someone has already tried to sell such an idea through Kickstarter unsuccessfully, also because there is no need to spend money and you can do so by finding a few components that almost everyone we have at home!

The goal is to create a transparent polyhedron similar to a pyramid with the top cut off and without base, placing it above the display of a smartphone, as well as a tablet, is in fact form the exceptional play of light and colors worthy of the best holograms.

To achieve it you need only of: graph paper, CD case, tape of super glue, pen, scissor, smartphone, knife of glass cutter.

Put this DIY gadget with the tip cut off which rests on the display, being careful to place it in the middle of four figures reproduced on the display and the game is done!

Isn't it fantastic? Amazed us posting your holographic gadgets on our social page, the challenge is on!

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