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Play Nintendo DS games on your Iphone with IOS 9.3.2

You are a Pokemon addicted, a real fun of cooking mama…play them on your iphone



Technology run fast. 10 years ago nobody thinked to play a real game, programmed for a console on a phone.

But today phones are smart…the recognize your ID by fingerprints, they give you the possibilty to watch TV, to make photo n video.

From today, if you have an Iphone you can also play Nintendo DS games on your smartphone.

Nintendo realesed its "dual screen" portable console in the 2004 and after the first Nintendo DS came also the ds lite, dsi, dsi xl and 3ds.

Every version had an enourmous success in the all world with million of unit sold and million of games released.

You can play all of these games on your smartphone.

You can find how by watching this video tutorial.

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