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"Kodi Entertaiment Center or more simply Kodi, formerly called Xbox Media Center (abbreviated with XBMC), is an open source program for managing a complete media center or home theater PC for the Xbox console and available today for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, Odroid C-2 and Android.

Kodi is the successor to the Xbox Media Player (XBMP) with a graphical interface and a core renewed by the same developers of the XBMP. The code was publicly announced in October 2003. The code can be used to play most multimedia formats. Kodi supports Python scripts as plug-ins, so that users can add functionality.

The most used scripts are: TV guides, weather forecasts, train times, scripts for controlling PVR software and hardware (MediaPortal, MythRV, TiVo, Reeplay), online radio station browsers (such as SHOUTcast), internet TV browsers, Email clients, P2P file sharing programs (BitTorrent, IRC) and others.

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