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Prepare the perfect enviroment for your turtle

The home your turtles deserve

Evertything to make a beautiful home for your turtles

You will need a lot of things to adjust the tank to make your turtle live long:

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The water turtle is a diurnal animal that in captivity can live on average for up to 35 years if kept in optimum conditions, while in the rough state it exceeds the difficulty of 25-30 years.

They love to laze and stay out of the water under the rays of the sun.

They are reptile from the relaxed ways but are always alert and to the sight of a danger or anything else they can fear them, plunge into the water to protect themselves.

For this reason their bathtub must be half submerged and half with spaces to emerge where they can rest and take some heat.

This tutorial will teach you how to create the perfect environment to make your turtles live long and well.

Learn everything you need to know about turtles

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