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The best tutorial to practice Kendo

The secret of samurai is meditation

Kendō (剣 道) is a Japanese martial art evolved from the fighting techniques with the katana used by the samurai in the kenjutsu.

Kendō literally means "The Way (道 dō) of the Sword" and expresses the essence of the Japanese fighting arts.

Today, instead of the katana, wooden swords, bokken, kata are used, while shinai is used for common exercises (consisting of four bamboo sticks) and a robust armor (bōgu).

Concepts such as the Mushin 無心 or "empty mind" are spread by Zen Buddhism and are the essence of Shingon Buddhism.

Kendo is a martial arts charm and extremely useful in getting a special tune between body and mind.

Want to find out how to start moving your first steps like Kendoka to your home? Watch this video and discover the secrets of the oldest Japanese fighting art.

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