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Reflexology massage

Massage is food for your soul and your body

"In a world increasingly stressful and full of work and anxieties the relaxation task is increasingly important.

In this video tutorial we will discover the secrets of reflexology. For reflexology is meant a consistent practice of alternative medicine in the stimulation, through a special massage or touch, of areas of the body called reflex points.

The reflected zone is a point of the body surface on which, according to the theories of reflexologists, you would project a certain organ anatomically placed, away from that point.

Acting on these points there would be the possibility of positively influencing the corresponding organ; why reflexology is part of the complementary medicines industry and is considered a holistic healing technique.

Proponents of this practice argue that it can also cure a particular mood (stress, anxiety, etc.) through massage.

If you want to discover how to make this you only have to click on the video above and learn all the secrets of reflexoloy massage."

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