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How to observe in psychology

Through this video, today we want to delve into a particular psychological aspect: The ability to observe.

Indeed, know how to analyze and observe the environment or, in technical terms, the "setting" is the first step in developing a heartfelt research in psychology.



There are several types of observation methods, among which it is possible to identify: Controlled Observations; Natural Observations; Participant Observations.

Moreover, the observations can be made in a "clear" or disclosed, as the participants are aware of being under study, or "occult", confidential: Research maintains a "secret identity" by the research subjects , acting as a true member of the group.

The general observations, are relatively inexpensive to make and few resources are needed by the researcher. However, depending on the purposes of the search, it is required an extended period of time. In this case we speak of longitudinal studies.


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