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Introduction to italian for everybody

Would you like to learn Italian? Do you love the italian culture and language? Do you want to visit Italy and be able to understand what the people say to you? Take a look at this video tutorial!

It is the language of culture, of bel canto, of opera. It is the language of Dante.

It is the language of great artists, painters, poets, writers and philosophers.

It is also the Pope's language, being the official language, along with Latin, of the Vatican City.

The Italian language is so musical, open, varied and redundant that you can't help but be fascinated!

Italian is still one of the five languages most studied abroad, after the most dominant English, the italian languages in race with the French, Spanish and German, and before the Chinese language, that is in strongly increasing.

A survey sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign, it appears that the Italian took the first place among the third-most studied foreign language in the world!

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