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Martial art exercise

Train your soul and your body

Martial art is a set of physical and mental practices related to combat. Originally used to increase the chances of winning a warrior in battle, today they are a form of path of individual improvement and complete physical activity as well as personal defense.

The term entered common use in the early 1960s when Oriental martial arts were introduced to the West and sometimes only associated with these, and in particular Chinese, Japanese, and Korean martial arts. Indeed, as early as 1500, combat systems in Europe were defined in this way, an English fencer manual of 1639 used it specifically referring specifically to the "science and art" of the sword duel, making it derive from Latin as "martial art" Literally means "art of Mars", the Roman god of war.

Exercising in these arts can be challenging and difficult but if you want to get close to fighting this tutorial will do exactly your case!

Watch the video right now to find out the secrets of martial arts!

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