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Play Doom on a calculator

impress your friends during school breaks

DOOM is a video game created by id Software and published in 1993 for the PC, and later for different consoles.

Along with Wolfenstein 3D, it is considered one of the most influential examples of the genre first-person shooter.

The player takes on the role of a space marine, deported to Mars for assaulting a superior who had ordered the shooting of unarmed civilians.

In the novels dedicated to Doom it refers to "Flynn Taggart", but more generally is referred to as doomguy.

Forced to work for the Union Aerospace Corporation, the protagonist is sent to investigate a terrible incident in military experiments on teleportation between the moons Phobos and Deimos: hordes of monsters have begun to emerge from the teleportation portals, and the satellite Deimos is disappeared.

The resident staff on Phobos, also was murdered or turned into zombies.

Once arrived at the base on Phobos player is left outside for maintaining communication with Mars, while the rest of the team enters the building.

Soon radio contact with the other team members ceases and our hero finds himself in front of a pile of marine corpses.

Do you want to know how to play this amazing masterpiece on a simple calculator and play it during your school breaks? Watch the video and amaze your friends!

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