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Your new recipe for pancakes

The best way to start your day

"Pancake is a traditional pastry for breakfast in North America and, with many variations, in other parts of the world.

These are pancakes similar to crêpe but thick about 3.0-5.00 mm.

The recipe includes the use of butter, flour, milk, vanillin, salt, sugar and eggs. However, there are some variants, which also see the addition of cinnamon or honey or the use of yogurt instead of milk.

Thickness is due to the consistency of the dough and the presence of sodium bicarbonate or other chemical yeast. They are generally sweet, accompanied by maple syrup, jam or peanut butter.

They can also be salted, with melted butter on hot pancakes, eggs or bacon. With this tutorial you will discover the recipe for the best pancakes you have ever eaten and will surprise your whole family!

What are you waiting for? Watch the video now and find out how to start your day with an unforgettable breakfast!"

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