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How to eat sushi as Japanese

The Japanese tradition in your kitchen

"You know, Japan is a country with traditions with deep and very ancient roots.

These traditions ranging from philosophy, music, religion and finally the traditional cuisine.

Japanese restaurants are considered refined, fashionable and very expensive restaurants around the world; in particular those restaurants that prepare the sushi, food increasingly appreciated in the West.

The sushi is a food made of rice, seaweed, fish and vegetables. Although in Japan the word sushi describing several types of food prepared with rice, abroad is commonly associated with raw fish.

Legend tells us that these preparations were already used in China in the fourth century to preserve the fish by placing it between layers of rice and salt, kept pressed for a few weeks and left to ferment for months, and was brought in Japan by monks.

As you see this food has ancient origins but what is the right way to eat it?

A real Japanese sushiman will show us everything we need to know to eat the sushi respecting the Japanese tradition and tasting th original flavour of our favorite maki!"

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