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dumplings and wontong tutorial

Make a traditional chinese dinner tonight!

How about a beautiful Chinese dinner tonight? With this video tutorial we will learn how to make Wonton, the traditional Chinese dumplings.

The Wonton soup is one of the foods most loved Chinese tradition and eaten around the world, are dumplings that are prepared from a small portion of the end of puff pastry (made with flour, eggs, water, salt).

The paste is garnish with a stuffing and then closes with the fingers, after it has been humidified, so as to give the dumplings the desired shape.

The Chinese dumpling instead, or jiaozi, are a type of dumplings very popular in China, Japan and Korea. Stuffed meat and / or vegetables, are wrapped with a thin paste sealed with finger pressure.

In this video, two charming sisters will show you how to prepare these Chinese delicacies.

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