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Create your new fidget spinner with Lego

5 beautiful spinners to play this summer

Make your new Fidget spinner exactly as you want

Lot of pieces, lot of colors to make your fidget spinner fully customized:

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box - Best Choice in US

Lego Storage Brick 8 Large Blue - Best Choice in UK

The fidget spinner is a toy, a kind of little trot whose rotating body is pivoted on a central ball bearing that allows it to rotate around the main axis of rotation by holding the bearing between two fingers of a hand.

The particular shape of the rotating part allows to start and revive rotation with a fingertip.

There are a lot of different spinners on the market with the most bizarre shapes.

None of these however will be unique as the one created by you!

Thanks to this tutorial you will learn to build 5 different fidget spinner using only pieces of Lego.

Curious to know how to do it? Watch the video now and build your fidget spinner!

Learn everything about Fidget spinner

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