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Common mistakes to avoid in Make-up

Do you feel insecure with makeup? You need to acquire more familiarity with eyeshadows, pencils and mascara ? Then this is the tutorial for you! Here are the mistakes to avoid for a flawless make-up.

"It’s True, the make up art is not easy and often rigged without knowing well the tricks of the trade : The result ?

A real disaster! This funny video explains the ABCs of make up through the most common mistakes as the ""panda style"" when the eye shadow is not blurred and made heavy or cakey foundation , that is layers of product lying in an excessive and non-uniform way . But why not also mention lipstick applied outside the contour of the lips ! In fact you need just a very few precautions for an exceptional result !

What do you think? Try and take a selfie or selfieye to our company Facebook page / tutorial , have fun to send us photos of star with embarrassing make-up and leaves a comment of the error/horror that more often you commit ! "

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