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Watercolored mountains paint tutorial

Only 7 minute to learn how to paint sky and mountains using a ""multicolor" technique!

Here the materials and the colors to use: 140 lb watercolor paper, 3 different size brushes, 5 watercolors (Payne's Grey, French Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Winsor Red, Raw Sienna), paper towel.

A reassuring and mysterious landscape, the mountains are certainly one of the scenery represented in the various forms of art: from photography to painting.

Indeed, the history of the mountain painting, dating back to the discovery of the Alps, in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, began to be an object of study and observation.

Knowing how to paint a mountain landscape means to know the tricks of perspective, so that your scenes are credible!

Indeed both the landscape depicted is real or imaginary, you have to represent it in a convincing way, so that those watching the scene have the perception that could really exist, even if only in your mind.

If you too want to open illusionistically a canvas, you can't miss to see this tutorial, following step by step this incredible watercolor technique.

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