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paint a portrait with dry brush technique

Learn to paint in a different way

"this video is really hypnotic and will keep you hooked to the screen for 6 minutes.

If you want to replicate this masterpiece you have to prepare your brush first. You first need to use brushes with hard bristles, which can be your old ruined brushes; this type of brush is particularly suitable because it does not slip into the recesses and ensures, inter alia, to take up the least possible amount of color from the jar against a greater surface of the brush; you have to remember that he may dip the brush into the color is not necessary, nor useful.

Now you need to clean up the brush all the excesses, wiping of newsprint, which allows you to notice when it is almost completely devoid of color on the bristles, or absorbent paper, which doesn't allows us to see the right level of cleanliness.

Got to this point you have a brush with a bit of color, useful to paint only the ridges of leaving the base color in the recesses.

When it spreads a layer of color with this technique, you have to be careful not overplayed with the brush to not enter with the bristles in the recesses and unlike other precision is not required techniques: passing on the pads with little accuracy will ensure coverage complete, even the most hidden.

Note that for poor accuracy does not intend to move a single hand of the brush, but more messy hands."

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