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Giải quyết Cube của Rubik trong vài phút

Một trong những câu đố nổi tiếng nhất của 80s

The Rubik's Cube was created in 1974 by a the Hungarian giáo sưarchitecture and sculptureErno Rubik and since then has mesmerized and bewitched millions of people around the world.

It was initially called magic cube, was renamed with the name of its maker a few years later.

To date, with over 300 million units sold, the best selling toy in history.

Many variations have been created with more faces or even with different shapes such as spherical, but the original is still unbeatable today.

With this tutorial you will learn the secrets that govern this incredible game and amaze your friends by solving it in a few minutes.

Click on the video right away and solve the cube gathering dust on your nightstand for years.

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