Уметност и креативност

Уметност и креативност

Оригами, Сликарство, FIMO и многу повеќе


Велигденско јајце уметност

Подготви изненадување за овој Велигден

Easter is one of the most popular festivals from the kids ... no need to disturb the Christian meaning of the celebration.

For adults it is a beautiful opportunity to share time with пријателите и семејството while the children can taste the chocolate, look for surprises and looking for eggs in the garden.

Create beautiful eggs to find your kids with this great tutorial. You will learn to make colored eggs of different shades with beautiful shades and veins that get breaking the shell.

You can prepare eggs with your kids and make simple and fun activity together.

Click once on the video and prepared the easter with Topvideotutorial.com

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