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Valmista kouluruokailu Gordon Ramsay

Yksi kuuluisimmista Chef maailmassa kypsyy kanssa

Gordon Ramsay is a chef and British TV personality.

It is known as the host of television programs dedicated to the kitchen, such as culinary reality show Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen nightmare, talent MasterChef, The F Word Gordon Ramsay: hell of a chef, Gordon Ramsay - Things of this world, with Kitchen Ramsay, and Hotel Hell Behind Bars.

During his career as a restaurateur he has been awarded 15 Michelin stars, though now it holds 14.

Today will teach you how to cook a delicious meal for your children, your family or your friends.

Find out what Ramsay chef menu prepared for you!

Click now on the video and learn quickly from one of the best chef!

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